2019 Issue 2 (Total Issue 13)

  1. Digging in the Air: Inflation, Fantasy, and Sandplay Therapy / Eva Pattis Zoja

  2. Helping Orphans and Disabled Children to Connect to Different Levels of the “I” / John Beebe

  3. Sandplay and Expressive Therapy / Irmgard Else Thom

  4. The Research of Initial Sandplays Characteristics of Social Withdrawal Children in 4-6 Years Old

  5. Flooding and Renewal: A Girl’s Process of Stabilization and Renewal / Marion Anderson

  6. The ‘Safe Island’ in Sandplay / Shen Heyong

  7. Archetypal Symbol of Chinese Culture: Longshan Culture Painted Dragon Pattern Pottery Plate / Zhang Lei

  8. Transformation: Alchemy Stove, Sandtray and Container / Su Xiaobo

  9. Breaking through the Social Filter and Return to Nature / Xia Rui

  10. The First Garden of the Heart and Soul Public Welfare Forum

  11. Story from the Garden of the Heart and Soul / Wu Jian

  12. Alchemy in Spring: Psychological Analysis and Sandplay Training